Foot Fuck with Jenna

November 18th, 2017

Jenna Presley is bringing her sweet feet on over for an amazing foot job. This chick loves to have her feet licked, sucked, and fucked. It makes her even hornier when she imagines you doing it. Watch as she has our guy slobbering all over her sexy little toes and fucking her cock hardening arches. She shows you just how bad she wants your cock all over her feet, demonstrating skill that only a pro knows. Enjoy feet lovers!

BangBros Invades the Movies

November 10th, 2017

Lesson: If youre trying to make a serious Sci-fi/counter terrorism movie, Don’t invite the Fuck Team Five. Unless, you’re into getting your dick sucked and fucked in front of a camera and having space invaders groveling at your feet. Now that we know the deal, check out what happens when these girls are invited to the set Natasha Nice, Haley Sweet & Lacie James and see what kind of trouble we get into next. .

Creampie My Little Pussy

November 3rd, 2017

Pornstars crave cock. They also crave cum, and Alanah Rae wants it all the way inside of her. First Mike plays with her awesome huge tits, getting his dick nice and wet to slide inbetween them. She sucks and deep throats it so well, it is a wonder he didn’t cum from just that. He then starts pounding her tight pussy, making that huge ass bounce. He fucks her nice and hard till he blasts a huge load of cum inside her pussy. She then lets it drip out, guzzling it up..

Redhead Girls Are Horny

October 27th, 2017

Hey there ladies and gentlemen do I have a treat for you all today! today I’m on a mission to getting a good friend of mine some good ol chonga kendall ass if that even exists which I’m sure it does. anyway were out doing our thing drivng by the mean streets of kendall and guess I have driving the bus time around,The legendary “Dirty Harry” in the flesh big fan of this guy. Anyway we spot this cutie coming out of a gym so she was working and looks all good and toned and my bouy right away wanted her so you know how it goes you have to go FETCH! and that he did although the hundred dollr bill I threw at her helped the situation out quite a bit lol and the fact that she was really cool as well. So she accpeted all of our offers and once inside this girl starts talking about how unhappy she is with her man and this and that and that was my Q to get my boy in there and he followed my instructions to the T and got himself some and man can this girl handle some dick,you guys will love todays update its filled with special appearances and funny moments. STAY TUNED!.

Rachel Starr and Kitty Ride the Bus

October 20th, 2017

Hey ladies and gentlemen from all over the world! I’m here to bring you guys great treat for you all I mean you guys are gonna love it! Diamond kitty & Rachel Starr and man are these girls crazy picking at random guys in the streets flashing all the goodies but of course only the brave survive and they found just that. They went ahead and talked some guys into coming with us Im sure there wasnt much convincing but either way they got them to come with us and man was it ON! from them on. These girls gave this guys a show and then went in for the kill! It was so good that I had to join the party and lets face it I wasnt gonna miss out on these two at the same time so there you have it ladies and gentlemen. I hope you guys enjoy this update as much as I did lol not sure if thats even possible lol,STAY TUNED!.

How to not act like a fool during a live sex show

October 12th, 2017

livepornoNow for a little bit of unpleasant topic. Unfortunately, if you’ve watched at least one live sex show, you will know exactly what I’m talking about. Whenever there is a live cam show, whether we are talking about live sex act or just a chick putting on a plain vanilla show with her taking off her clothes and playing with her body, there will always be at least one fool in the crowd. You know exactly what I’m talking about. There will always be at least one guy who thinks he’s the most awesome comic in the world by trying to crack jokes. Unfortunately, a lot of these jokes come over like a Led Zeppelin. That’s right. They just sink, and worst of all, they crash and burn in the most annoying way possible.

If you don’t want to be that guy then pay attention to the following. Here are some tips on how not to act like a douchebag during a live sex show:

Number one, don’t goad the performer. Don’t call her a slut or a bitch or some other kind of name because she doesn’t want to quickly take off her clothes and start fingering herself in front of you. You have to remember that a live sex show likes the ones on is all about making money from the crowd. It’s all about seducing the crowd into whipping out their credit cards, tipping the performer to push her to the next level. If you don’t like it, get the fuck out of there. That’s the bottom line. It’s all about an intricate give and take between the performer and the audience.

Number two, don’t push the performer and mess around with the pacing of the show. Different shows have different pacing because you have to remember that any kind of show, whether we are talking about a live comedy stand up or political speech or a live sex act on webcam, involves the interplay between an audience and a performer. There’s some level of electricity and chemistry there. If that level is very low, then guess what, it’s going to negatively impact the performance. You may think that the performer is just putting up a bad show, but really you’re part of the reason for that.

Audrey Bitoni’s Sexual Rubdown

September 30th, 2017

So this week on Porn Star Spa the beautiful Audrey Bitoni calls over a massage therapist to help rub out the kinks. After getting in a good stretch in, we get a preview of the goodies that are about to get rubbed down. Our friend Castle arrives and gets straight to work, he rubs on some lotion and gets right to the point. After rubbing her nice juicy ass, he moves on to her huge perky tits. Audrey gives him a great blowjob and Mr. Castle has his dick deep inside of Miss Bitoni’s amazing pussy, and he is hitting all those spots and corners that is relaxing Audrey to the point where she is speechless. Enjoy.

BangBros Dorm Invasion

September 23rd, 2017

Diamond Kitty, Anastasia Morna & Lylith Lavey these girls want to fuck some young cock and they know where to get it. The the local College Dorm. We got a letter from a strapping young college student, Who just happened to be the Ra at his dorm. So we decided to pay him a little visit and let the girls suck his dick at the front door. After he bust a nut, the bust loose on the campus and no dick is safe from these fine ass B’s! Not even the girls are safe! .

Why Do so many Guys have Problems Finding a Sex Match

September 16th, 2017

There are so many guys who are out to find their sex match with a quality adult match maker like the one over here. This is indisputable and beyond argument. Since these women are looking to have sex outside of their relationships, the idea is that they are looking for dick. And since you have a dick and you want to stick that dick into a hole, then this could be a match made in dating heaven. Sounds good so far, right? Well, the problem is a lot of the things that we think about usually don’t pan out in real life. This is just the reality. A lot of the things that look great in black and white on a piece of paper or on a computer screen simply fall apart when you apply it to a real waking reality.

The reality is that cheating girls are not much different from regular girls. To come up with a game plan that somehow pigeon-holes them engaging in certain types of behavior and by extension looking a certain way is simply going to doom your chances of hooking up with cheating girls. Do you see how these all feed into each other? Do you see how these are all interconnected?

In many cases, our chances of success are necessary victims of our own preconceptions. If we prejudice ourselves or prejudge these women, then we behave in certain ways. This changes how we approach them. This changes the things that we talk about. This all ends up sabotaging our chances of success. The best approach would be to just focus on them as regular people who, if given the right set of circumstances, would cross over to the cheating side. If you play the game that way, your chances of success will go through the roof.

Jessie Rogers Gives Great Blowjobs

September 15th, 2017

What’s up bj lovers? We have another badass Blowjob Friday update, and this time we have the VERY lovely Jessie Rogers! Jessie is the girl next door, and she loves nothing more than to get her freak on in public. Watch her milk this stud dry as they sit poolside with no shame at all. Until next time fellow bj lovers! Peace out!.